They say that art is like magic, as an art piece can turn a place magical – and we would have to agree 😉

This past summer, we were thrilled to be involved with another art installation. This job took place at ‘The Victoria’, a new development by Strand in the Cedar Cottage area in east Vancouver, and saw our team assist with the install of artist Peter Gazendam’s newest bronze sculpture. What a piece! And with such a process to make and quite the story behind it, we felt obliged to share!

The artwork refers to a local square dance group that performs outside daily (no matter the weather) in and around Trout Lake and the tennis courts at Brewers Park; and for this piece, the artist chose to focus one of these dancers, Koco. Featuring her in six different poses each pose distinct but merging into one another, atop a square base. The sculpture is stunning and was produced using 3D scanning and printing technology before the final bronze form.

With such a local focus to this piece, we were excited to be contracted to a part of the project.

On July 31st, the sculpture made it to our warehouse, and it was with caution and care that our forklift  operator handled the piece.

On Tuesday Aug 4th, our unit #1463 was the lucky one to meet with the install team onsite and ‘the rest is history’.

If you have not seen this public art piece on display yet, head to the newly built ‘Victoria’ at 3655 Victoria Drive and tell us what you think.


Images c/o Rachel Topham Photography – –  #strand #stranddev #stranddevelopment
(📷 @racheltophamphotography)