When a job gets you to reflect on your high school experience!


When we were hired to transport and install new concrete picnic tables for our client, to a Coquitlam Secondary school on Como Lake, we got really excited about this project. You see, this school is not only located in Coquitlam where our company was established, but it also provides Phoenix with talented youth. Currently, we have two staff members who spent their secondary years at Dr. Charles Best and as you can imagine, going there on Wednesday morning brought back many wonderful memories.

Being a part of this project also reminded us of the unique and useful pieces that our client – Western Canada’s leading producer of custom precast concrete – makes and how their products help create an environment that encourages social interaction and being outdoors!

Dr. Charles Best Secondary School opened on March 22, 1971, as a junior secondary school serving students in Grade eight through ten, and eventually become a full secondary school in 2000. Back then, priorities were different, and the emphasis was more on the educational programs and the learning rather than socialization. As a society, we quickly understood the importance of also creating an environment that allows teenagers to socialize and grow alongside one another and this is why adding some quality outdoor picnic tables or furniture is exciting – they provide students a space to chat, laugh, share a meal, and therefore enjoy being with each other.

It gives us great pleasure to know that after their January exams, Dr. Charles Best Secondary students will return to a little more space to relax and interact right at the front entrance of their school.