We are feeling pumped!

Like most of you, gas stations are one of the places that we keep returning to time after time.
For some of our trucks, they’re refilling multiple times a week. Stopping in for fuel can serve as a short break for our drivers, giving them the opportunity to get off the road while taking those few minutes to fill up. There was no break for our unit #1403 last week though when he was sent to the Husky gas station on Canada Way. The station has recently been acquired and will soon become a Chevron – which means that location is going through many changes. Our crane operator brought some brand-new gasoline pumps to the location, assisted with the install, and returned the old pumps to the customer.

The changeover is well underway, and because of the great job our operator did, we are confident that we would be asked to go back again. Maybe to install a tire inflator or a car wash system this time?