The right sign at the right place will grab attention and attract new customers

Have you experienced the new wave of dining, retail, and entertainment offered at The Amazing Brentwood (TAB) shopping mall?
We have, and we love it! So when we were asked to help with the building’s signage, to increase awareness and visibility of the mall offering, we were 100% in.
Early this week our unit #5052 partnered with a local, award-winning signage firm to install three massive signs on the exterior of the building and this is what it looks like.

This installation took two days so we are sparing you from watching the entire process and decided to offer you snippets and time-lapses of our crane doing it’s job. Our crane operators are efficient and fast, but not that fast, we promise.
As for the setup, we expertly positioned ourselves in different spots – all on suspended slabs.

If you haven’t visited this new mall yet, we can share that it is tons of fun with unique businesses and vendors. The innovative food court, TABLES, brings a new food experience with island units for some of the mall tenants and a wide variety of seating configurations for all. The west side of the food court enjoys beautiful natural light and a street view thanks to the glass wall – it’s absolutely delightful and worth making a trip!