The Opsal Steel Building; Reclaiming and Restoring the Heritage Landmark for Bastion Development Corporation

The Opsal Steel building, one of Vancouver’s heritage landmarks, is in the process of being restored and transformed into a live work space. Located at Quebec St. and East 2nd Avenue, the Opsal Steel heritage site was originally the Columbia Block and Tool Company, built in 1918. Soon the building will be flanked by two residential towers comprised of office and retail space. Bastion Development will salvage and incorporate many heritage aspects of the existing site, and that’s where Phoenix comes in.

Bastion Developments hired Phoenix for two main projects: reclaiming and installing lumber, and salvaging a wooden Gantry Crane from the original building. Lumber was reclaimed from the site, then using our 60 Ton Hydraulic Crane, our operator installed upright beams and roof trusses.

Using our Folding Hydraulic Cranes in tandem lifts, alongside an industrial moving crew, the gantry crane was transported and installed inside the building. The gantry crane is 40’ long x 10’ wide.