That time when you need rebranding signage across all your locations!

We often brag that we have the best job, well…. it’s because we do. We love that our job involves us in all sorts of business development and improvement, public art projects, new builds, new architectural Landmarks, new business branding, rebranding and more. For those who haven’t heard yet, ICBC has been partnering with Cygnus to administer a new brand identity for over 100 facility locations throughout the province. The result of their work is fabulous and now it’s time to actualize the changes.

Implementing the newly approved signage includes major site rebranding, many sign installs, and day-to-day ongoing and inhouse signage, and this big task was given to one of our valuable customers. How lucky…. for us 😉! Our ongoing working relationship is making us join their effort to fulfill this contract and Monday our unit #1123 was helping with the new sign at the ICBC Driver Licensing branch in Burnaby. Terry, our crane operator, along with Luke and Sean placed carefully the 138″x74″x12″ visual piece as you enter the property and private parking lot.

Today March 30th we are heading to the Richmond ICBC branch to install the 237″x46″x2″ sign and this time we’ll be teaming up with Cameron.

Where do you think we will be going next?