Ready for a Change of Career in an Industry that Embraces Equity – Consider Driving!

Every year, Phoenix embraces and celebrates International Women’s Day and this year will be no different, as we highlight our involvement within the traditionally ‘male dominated’ industry of transportation. Times are changing with regards to trucking and craning, and thanks to programs like the YWCA Changing Gears, Trucking HR Canada Career Expressway, and events like Women With Drive Hits the Road and TTSAO Conferences, women are joining our industry and are having a noticeable impact.


At Phoenix we have never looked at gender when hiring or promoting from within, and we base all hiring decisions on skill, hard work, commitment, and aptitude. For those who may not yet have the expertise, we will train them. For others who bring previous experience, we ensure that they understand the importance of our corporate culture and that their values align with ours; priority for creating a safe workplace, a high level of customer service and giving back to the local community.

There is no correct ‘recipe’ to hiring, and we consider people with all types of experience, backgrounds, ages, and genders, and this has proven very beneficial. Today we are pleased to say that our head office is comprised of 50 percent women and 50 percent men. Attaining equality like that within in our fleet proves a bit harder, but we are encouraged that we have female drivers and crane operators and hope to see more in 2023.

International Women’s Day is next month, and we would like to take this occasion to encourage women to consider driving as a career. If you are ready for a change, the trucking industry offers many opportunities, and those who work hard will thrive. The most current opportunity that comes to mind, and one that we are all very excited about, is a free 24-week truck driving training program for unemployed self-identifying women. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire a Class 1 driver’s license as well as the training needed to kick start a career in transportation. All the details of this exceptional initiative are available in HERE and if you have any questions, please call 604-690-7341. The more interest, the better and potentially the longer this program will run.

Of course, please reach out to us to connect and meet once you’ve obtained your certification and license. Phoenix is always looking for determined and diverse professionals. Our head office is in the Tri-Cities, but our drivers come from all corners of the lower mainland.