Precision Planning and Swift Crane Operation Saves Time and Costs

This morning’s job could easily be considered one of those ‘quickies’! We were asked to hoist a 250 lbs unit 55 feet up and 30 feet out, and we were in and out fast, like lightning. Many elements contributed to this efficiency, and here are the top three:

1. Pre-assessment: One of our tech reps assessed the job in person a couple of weeks prior, determining the best crane for the job and the optimal setup area. To ensure our crane operator wasn’t confused or tempted to set up on suspended slabs, we provided a detailed drawing clearly indicating the plan of action and the access route.

2. Early Start: We started at 7 AM, ensuring the parking lot was empty as people in the building start work at 8 AM. This also helped us avoid traffic, making the job smoother.

3. Client Preparedness: The client with the product was already onsite when we arrived, meaning no wait time, no extra cost, and increased efficiency.

The expertise and professionalism of our crane operator also made a massive difference, but you can always count of this fact when using our services . Without such preparation, this job could have taken and been billed for double the hours it took today.

We hope the rest of the day went as well for the crew left there to installed the rooftop unit we lifted and the smaller one that was going inside the building.

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