Phoenix Truck & Crane Team Spreads Holiday Cheer at Local Share Food Bank

‘Tis the season’ of giving, and at Phoenix Truck & Crane, the spirit of generosity is alive and well. As the holiday season brings joy to many, it also highlights the struggles faced by many of our neighbours. This year, our local Share Food Bank found itself in greater need than ever before, with rising food costs, many local families are struggling to provide both toys and meals for their children.

Last Saturday, our team stepped up and headed out to volunteer their time to support the Share Food Bank. The call to action came from the heart, as our President rallied the team to join her in making a difference. Within minutes of her request for volunteers, an enthusiastic response saw ten employees commit to the cause, with some even bringing along family members.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the team divided their efforts. Two team members spent the morning at food bank ‘toy shop’, while the rest spent the day wrapping gifts for donations at the Coquitlam Centre. The unity and dedication displayed by our team truly embodies the joy of giving and we couldn’t be prouder!

In the true spirit of the season, Phoenix Truck & Crane sets an inspiring example, demonstrating that together, even a small group of dedicated individuals can make a significant impact on their community. A huge thanks to all!