Moving In or Out of An Apartment Building Can Be Challenging

Moving can happen on any given day and at any time in our beautiful province – and preparing for it takes more time than most people realize.  Using professionals for this journey can save you a lot of time and potential struggles. Phoenix is not in the moving business, but we are available to help when people find out that some of their furniture cannot go through the front door and/or up the stairs.

Yesterday – alongside a moving company – we were pleased to assist a client with his move and reached the twelfth floor of his beautiful Mount Pleasant building, thanks to the add-on of a jib.

In those moments, everything goes so quickly that we weren’t able to get much footage for you, but still managed to grab a few pictures.

If you are planning a move in or out of a tall apartment building, don’t forget to check if all your valuable pieces can enter and/or exit the building the “usual” way. If not, our phone number may become handy, 604-522-2219. We’d love to be the solution that makes your adventure a little easier.