Mastering the Art of Stoplog Installation by Bringing On Our Full Team Of Professionals

We recently undertook a project at the Seymour Falls Dam, which required several of our cranes to install a stoplog. Stoplogs are temporary metal structures used to retain water, often employed for maintenance work downstream of the dam.

What set this project apart was the incredible amount of teamwork. From the extensive upfront planning by our sales representative, to the onsite expertise from our operators, this was a true example of the ‘full service’ that Phoenix offers to our customers.

Phoenix was brought on to plan, manage and execute this project, with the request from the customer that it would run more effectively than the previous project they’d worked on with another crane company; and Phoenix delivered. This job was completed one day, less than the three days they’d estimated. Our hard work clearly paid off when we were hired to come back to remove the stoplog. The same process was repeated in reverse by our operators and Metro Vancouver, and the results were once again efficient and professional.

Amongst our many projects, Seymour Falls Dam is now synonymous with efficiency and safety, producing extraordinary results. We look forward to many more exciting challenges and the chance to continue to be a part of our urban growth within our regional parks system and utilities services.