Keeping it ‘cool’ while everyone is ‘cooking’ outside

Last Friday, we were pleased to start off the day at one of the best eateries in Coquitlam – Jamila’s Kitchen. Opened in 2017, Jamila’s Kitchen doesn’t only serve tasty fusion food, but they are a place of kindness where you can go to eat, even if you don’t have enough to cover the entire bill. Their ‘No Money, No Worries program’ is well known in our community and to support them, we order lunch from them whenever we can.

Last week though, we weren’t there for the food, we were hired to install a new air conditioning unit. We sent unit #5025 first thing in the morning to remove the old unit, while our truck # 119 brought the new unit to site. It was only a matter of minutes for us to replace the old AC unit with the new one, and complete the job.

With the start of our heat wave only a few days after the job, we can say that our timing couldn’t have been better! So don’t hesitate and head to Jamila’s kitchen for lunch anytime during summer – you know now that we’ll be keeping cool while everyone is ‘cooking’ outside.