Jun Kaneko’s Giant Heads: A Colourful Addition to Burquitlam

In the bustling neighborhood of Burquitlam near Lougheed Mall, there’s a new addition that promises to captivate residents and visitors. Displayed at the entrance of PriceSmart Foods on Austin Ave, stands a spectacular art installation that adds an extra dash of vibrancy to the already lively surroundings. Crafted from bronze and brass, these monumental pieces of art are the brainchild of none other than the renowned Omaha-based artist and ceramic sculptor, Jun Kaneko.

Kaneko’s ‘Giant Heads’ have gained international acclaim for their imposing presence and intricate designs, and it’s truly exciting to see them find a home in the Tri Cities. As a community that already cherishes art, this installation is a testament to our appreciation for creativity and beauty.

The thorough planning and execution behind the installation are commendable. Spearheaded by the talented team at Carvel Creative, every detail was carefully considered to ensure a seamless integration into the urban landscape. A special acknowledgment goes to their install team, whose expertise and diligence was instrumental in the project’s success. Their meticulous approach ensured that each head was securely anchored and perfectly positioned, without any disruptions to the surrounding environment. Their foresight to add hooks at the top of each head, facilitated the installation process, making it a breeze for the crane operator.

Our crane operator Chris was professional and worked with confidence, during the transportation and installation of these sculptures, which originated from Calgary, and were stored briefly at our facility in Port Coquitlam. Handling such tasks is no easy feat, particularly considering the significant value of each piece. Chris’s expertise and composure were commendable, ensuring that every sculpture was maneuvered into position with meticulous precision and care.

As you can see, this project had many people and companies involved. From the beginning, coordinating the customer, traffic control, city permits, crane and storage, our sales rep working alongside Phoenix dispatch and storage departments, did an excellent job. And the job that was initially planned for multiple days, was finished in just one.

Thank you to our customer for the trusting our work and allowing us to help bring this remarkable installation to lift. It’s always an honour to collaborate on these projects, and we’re proud to partner with Carvel Creative when they come to the lower mainland with these exciting projects.