Flowing Forward: Water Chamber Installation at Village Seniors Affordable Rental Housing Project

At Phoenix Truck & Crane, we take pride in our role as more than just a transportation company.

We are partners in progress, committed to community development and enhancement. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with the City of Delta on a project that aligns with this commitment, the installation of a water chamber within the Kin Village Seniors Affordable Rental Housing Project.

The scope of this job was one that our operator was quite familiar with. Installing a concrete chamber, weighing a substantial 18,900 pounds. Our crane started at the city yard by picking up both the top and bottom pieces of the chamber to then delivered to site.

Upon arrival, we found the dedicated crew in the process of preparing the excavation site. Working together we synchronized our efforts, ensuring that when the time came everything was primed and ready for the chamber’s installation.

Concrete water tanks offer many benefits, often making them a preferred choice for projects such as this one. They are affordable, durable, and can withstand various conditions. Additionally, concrete tanks are hygienic and customizable, providing peace of mind to both builders and the end user.