Flexibility and Safety, A Successful Combo to Crane Operation

Yesterday morning, our unit #1435 was in the heart of Mount Pleasant for a job that showcased a much-appreciated adaptability and dedication from our customer. The contracted task required for us to obtain a street closure and therefore a special work permit, but the permit timing was out of our control. Undeterred by the obstacles, the client demonstrated remarkable suppleness and agreed to reallocate their team from an ongoing project to facilitate the permit date of July 17th.

With precision and efficiency, the team loaded all necessary materials for the upcoming job on Main Street, displaying great teamwork and even taking the opportunity to train two of their newest employees. The operation didn’t take long as we were out of the area before 10:30 am which meant that the roofing crew could return to their unfinished job in a timely manner.

Being in a heavy pedestrian traffic area, safety was paramount throughout the job which probably explains the presence of Kelly, our customer’s safety officer onsite. Clear hand signals also played a crucial role since there was no radio onsite. Materials like ski lights, windows, air conditioners, and portable toilets were skillfully hoisted onto the 40’ high law firm building, with many items picked up from our truck #288 early that morning.

Thank you all for a job well done and exemplified the spirit of collaboration and adaptability often require in the construction industry.