Exploring Farming Trends & Practices: Insights into Sustainable Local Agriculture

Recently, we were helping a local company, known for their expertise in engineering, drive systems, power distribution, and automation, and what they do is truly fascinating.

This time, they needed our crane to assist them to move four massive 10-ton pieces, each possessing the power to convert 25,000 kVA to 600 volts, to their warehouse for testing.

The task was daunting as the warehouse was full, leaving tight access for the crane. Every inch was meticulously calculated and utilized to its fullest potential. The first step was to carve out a path in the warehouse for the heavyweight champion of our fleet, unit 5160. Once inside, our focus shifted to unloading the first two transformers and positioning them for testing. These pieces, essential for creating mini substations, held the promise of transforming agricultural practices for a local farmer in Delta. However, before they could fulfill their purpose, the testing phase was required.

With expertise and steady hands, we watched as our crane operator hoisted each piece, defying gravity with effortless grace. Inch by inch, step by step, eventually the final piece found its place. Knowing the impact of our efforts for this local essential service of farming, deepened our pride in what we do.

We cherish our work and love learning about the missions of our customers. Every day, we are reminded of the different industries we serve, and it fuels us with passion to be able to contribute to their successes.