Dual Crane Triumph: Unleashing Tandem Power

In the realm of heavy lifting, there exists a solution when one crane can’t do all the work itself—the tandem lift. While perhaps uncommon in our daily jobs, two cranes working together to lift one piece is a display of precision, coordination, and engineering prowess that elevates our usual task of hoisting heavy loads into an art form.

Each tandem lift is unique, with reasons as varied as the loads they lift. During our last tandem lift, our cranes set-up inside a space where the challenge of lifting was not only with the weight of the pieces (32,000 lbs) but also with the restricted headroom, which added an extra layer of complexity to the task.

As the cranes were positioned strategically, the air crackled with anticipation before the first lift. The operators communicated effortlessly through their controls and synchronized each movement of the cranes.

Although tandem lifts aren’t performed daily, Phoenix is skilled at executing tough jobs. Like this job that presented low overhead clearances and heavy weights with specific pick-points, the pre-planning by our technical sales representatives, combined with the expertise and teamwork from our operators, led to seamless results.

In the world of heavy lifting, where each job presents unique challenges, tandem lifts performed with two impressive cranes stand out, and showcase our creativity and flexibility.