Clearing the Path: Removing Tanks for a Sustainable Future

At the bustling intersection of 12th Avenue and Commercial Drive in Vancouver, a significant transformation is underway. Amongst the construction of a new six story building featuring both residential and commercial spaces, a crucial step towards environmental sustainability is unfolding. The removal of Storm Guard Water Treatment tanks marks the completion of soil decontamination, paving the path for progress.

With precision and finesse, our crane navigated the congested area, leaving no room for error. Safety protocols were executed, as the tanks were lifted and then placed onto trucks and returned to our client’s yard.

The Storm Guard crew at site shared with us the extent of this work, allowing us to fully understand the profound impact it made, and we’re captivated by their dedication and what their technologies can accomplish. Their efforts not only ensure cleaner grounds but also herald a greener future for generations to come, by meticulously filtering and treating water, purging it of sediment, hydrocarbons, and metallic impurities.

When our day-to-day operations are busy and in constant movement, we tend to overlook the quiet moments of environmental triumph. They are there and we’re proud to be a part of the solution.