Accurate, Perfect Positioning, and Clear Communication Signage Increase Road Safety

Can you believe that the Pattullo Bridge opened in 1937? This key connection between the communities of Surrey and New Westminster has been amazing for the transportation industry and knowing that a new bridge is in the works, is beyond exciting.

There are many steps before the expanded bridge is built and one of these is the relocation of the bridge signs since the new structure will be roughly 100 metres north and upstream of the existing bridge. This is where Phoenix Truck & Crane comes in to play. The removal of the previous signage took place a few months back and if you did not see our work then, visit HERE to watch a short visual recap 😉

Alignment of the sign with the new bridge ramps is key for regulating the flow of traffic among vehicles and maintaining safe driving conditions, and on Feb 17, 2021 we went to the new signage location to install the modernized and impressive structure. Our hydraulic crane, unit #6060, and truck #5019 were the required equipment for the job as we started with the install of the heavy base. The day after, we sent our unit #5011 to place the subsequent piece and unit #1435 completed the work the following day. If this wasn’t teamwork, then what else is?

There will be numerous steps before the opening of the new bridge in 2023 and we are looking forward to being involved in as many of these as we can. In the meantime, keep safe on the road, and most importantly keep a close eye on the traffic road signs as they provide the necessary information and warnings of potential dangers and/or changes.