A Feathered Dilemma: Canopy Replacements at Anvil Center

In the world of glass, it’s become apparent that seagulls and rocks don’t mix. At the Anvil Center in the heart of New Westminster, this unusual and destructive behaviour of seagulls ‘playing’ with rocks is not that uncommon. The glass building’s rooftop, adorned with tiny rocks, has unwittingly become a sunbathing, or hanging out spot for our feathered friends. However, their playfulness has resulted in broken canopies as they’re dropping rocks directly onto the glass.

Today, two of the broken glass canopies on Columbia Street are being replaced. Tomorrow, three will be tackled on the other corner, and finally on Wednesday, the Anvil Center will regain its former beauty after we will have completed our contract and installed all the new canopies.  Our knuckle boom crane, unit 5042 is playing a vital role, supported by our clients’ professional and experienced team and their glass suction cups. Also essential is the traffic control folks as they ensure safety of road and sidewalk users while we are using a primary spot right by the SkyTrain station.

If you’re in New Westminster over the next couple of days, drop by and say hello – we are busy but always appreciate a warm greeting and friendly smile. Beware of those mischievous seagulls though!