There Can Never Be ‘Too Much’ When It’s About Safety: Phoenix Truck & Crane Accepted Another Safety Award

Coquitlam, BC, May 10, 2019 – Yesterday, Phoenix Truck & Crane was gleeful after receiving the 2018 Health and Safety Innovation Award, which acknowledges strong leadership and innovative methods in maintaining a vibrant workplace and industry safety culture.

For the last five years, Phoenix has worked tirelessly in creating and establishing a safety culture, by continuously training employees to achieve higher safety standards, maintaining an engaged safety committee and developing tools to better assess safe doing and prevent potential injuries.

Phoenix Truck & Crane’s inspiring vision of the future and genuine care for its people’s well-being has helped captivating new minds and rewarded the company with eight new “in house” members as well as fifty-eight new owner operators in 2018.

“I am so proud to work for a company who strives to lead in making a difference in the trucking industry. Safety is a part of our culture here at Phoenix. Our dedication and continuous efforts on keeping safety one of our top priorities has had a valuable impact with our customers along with recruiting and retaining employees. Working with the employees who care as much about safety as the company will only continue to build our workforce around this common goal. We are all honoured to have received this award and are thankful for the recognition.” – Lora Covinha, President & General Manager of Phoenix Truck & Crane.

About Phoenix Truck & Crane:

Established in 1991, Phoenix Truck & Crane is the largest same-day delivery company in the Lower Mainland. Offering a fleet of over 150 trucks and cranes of various sizes and capabilities, Phoenix can accommodate any job 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phoenix services a wide variety of industries all with diverse freight needs. From expedited deliveries of products within the construction industry, to providing crane services to the film industry and large sporting events.

Throughout the 28 years in business, Phoenix Truck & Crane’s commitment to providing outstanding service and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment has led to what the company is today; a reliable, professional and reputable local company, which believes in being impactful through community investment.