When decades of business community commitment and dedication get publicly recognized

Coquitlam, BC, May 1st, 2022: Yesterday, Lora Covinha – Phoenix Truck & Crane President & General Manager – was awarded as the Tri-Cities Chamber Member of the Year of 2021.

Not your typical award, the Tri-Cities Chamber Member of the Year award doesn’t require a nomination or a jury to determine the recipient, or even honour recipient that holds a high community profile. Instead, this award is presented each year to one special individual who the Chair of the Tri Cities Chamber chooses to recognize as an advocate for the Chamber, an example to the community and a leader who inspires. 2021 Chamber Chair, Mary Vellani chose to recognize Lora Covinha for her dedication to the Chamber, which encompasses so much over so many years. Advocating for women in business, encouraging the younger generation to give and grow, and for adhering to the values of philanthropy instilled in her by her mentor, Bill Dick, owner of Phoenix Truck & Crane. “Lora worked her way up through her company as a committed individual who quickly understood the value of volunteering and getting involved in her company and her community. This led her to where she is now, and I so enjoy watching her encourage others to do the same, to push boundaries and reach further”, Vellani said.

Phoenix Truck & Crane is proud to have been present last night to watch Lora accept this award. And, when Bill Dick, the founder and owner of Phoenix Truck & Crane, was asked by the Honourable Selina Robinson about Lora’s job interview almost 20 years ago, he proudly replied ‘occasionally you get someone applying for a job and you know the minute you meet them that it will be a good fit, Lora was one of them’.

Lora wears too many hats to mention them all. Apart from being President & General Manager of Phoenix Truck & Crane, she’s wife to Nelson Covinha and mom to Miranda and Mattias. Lora holds important volunteer positions on the Women in Business Committee (TCCOC), Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce CEO Roundtable, V2RF ((Vision 2 Reality Foundation) board and even shares her (and Phoenix’) passion about safety by accepting the role of Managing Director with Safety Driven.

Last Saturday was all about Lora, and at 9:10 pm – the announcement time for the Chamber Member of the Year 2021 – the entire theatre showed their support by cheering, applauding, and whistling. The event atmosphere became warmer, more joyful and Lora’s table suddenly became much fuller with many congratulatory visits from community friends and peers.

“I am so proud to have laid my roots right here in the Tri-Cities. I’m excited to continue to inspire and mentor the next generation to be and want more, to give back, to show the right example and lead the way to be good people, and tonight I am over the moon to accept this award and will cherish this moment for many years”, said Lora Covinha at the Gala.

Lora’s celebration didn’t stop at the Business Excellent Gala with her strongest supporters following her to the Asylum at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver for celebratory cheers, dancing, and more congratulations. You’ll only know how the after party ended up if you were there.

About Phoenix Truck & Crane:

Established in 1991, Phoenix Truck & Crane is the largest same-day delivery company in the Lower Mainland. Offering a fleet of over 150 trucks and cranes of various sizes and capabilities, Phoenix can accommodate any job 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phoenix services a wide variety of industries all with diverse freight needs. From expedited deliveries of products within the construction industry, to providing crane services to the film industry and large sporting events.

Throughout the 30 + years in business, Phoenix Truck & Crane’s commitment to providing outstanding service and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment has led to what the company is today; a reliable, professional and reputable local company, which believes in being impactful through community investment.

Photo credit to Chris C. from Butter Studios