The “Highs” of the Vancouver’s Newest Landmark!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since Vancouver city council approved the project to install a 1.2 million dollar chandelier under the Granville Street Bridge – but now having witnessed the end result, we know it was worth the wait!

Commissioned by developer Westbank Corporation, this impressive piece, measuring fourteen feet by twenty-one feet is an 18th century replica and was created by Vancouver artist Rodney Graham. To get this project to completion it required of a lot of preparation – from their end and ours.

For the few weeks leading up to installation day, our unit 5051 has been to the site under the Granville bridge several times to prep the space and, install the motorized winches – essential for hoisting and controlling the chandelier. Tuesday Nov 19, 2019 was the ‘big’ day. We sent our unit 5160 to hoist and install this beautiful 7,500-pound piece of art, made of stainless steel, LED Lamps and faux crystals. As always, we were well prepared, professional, and focused on safety. The videos and photos below show you the different stages of the prep work as well as the particularly delicate lift.

Well done Vancouver for making this happen. In less than an hour, the official public reveal will showcase the sculpture in motion and judging by the crowds, the food trucks, the music, this is an exciting event for all! If you’re not here in person to witness the spectacle, don’t worry, this piece will be in continuous rotating motion for days and nights to come!