“Sweeping” the Streets of the Lower Mainland

At sea, a storm warning is issued by the National Weather Service when winds between 89 km/h and 117 km/h are about to occur or are predicted.

On Canadian land, Environment Canada issues the high wind warnings when severe weather threatens and at Phoenix Truck & Crane, we all take responsibility for alerting each other about the weather condition and the forecast. A timely weather warning is key in our industry so that we can take appropriate action and respond effectively to future needs – and this means that everyone is on guard, watchful and attentive.

So when we heard at 4:44 AM on Dec 20 that BC Ferries were cancelling several sailings as a windstorm approached, we knew that the next 48 hours may be crucial and that our services may be desperately needed should the wind cause widespread damage across Metro Vancouver. We were right!

The powerful windstorm knocked more trees that we could even anticipated, crashing them into homes, blocking roads and ripping down power lines.

The next day, once all weather warnings were dropped, we stepped up and responded to every inquiry as our phone lines rung endlessly. Yes, Phoenix Truck & Crane is equipped to help you recover from collapsed structures, toppled trees, large scattered debris etc. With the resources available to answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are here to assist in the toughest and most disruptive moments.

Images from after the storm: south Surrey “rescue” on Friday, Dec 21st.