Relocating with your furry friend?

Phoenix loves it’s ‘furry friends’.. and we especially have a soft spot for dogs. Maybe it’s the joy our Great Dane Mastiff mix Jackson, used to bring to our team when he made our former Administration Manager’s office his own. Or perhaps the regular visits from tiny Potato – a rescue Miniature Schnauzer mutt that our Vice-President adopted a few years ago. And even our recent addition of Franz, the half Retriever, half Labrador PADS puppy currently training with one of our team members.

So when a customer asked us to relocate the beautiful ‘home’ of her working dog, we all got very excited! These dog kennels are not your typical kind of dog bed though, and in this case the piece to hoist, transport and place at the owner’s new property was 8’ X 12’ X 8.4’ with a total weight of 1,000 pounds. The placement needed at least 85 feet of boom to reach the other side of the property, making our crane choice pretty simple, unit #5050 was the perfect fit for the job.

Thank you to the neighbours for understanding and allowing us to set up our crane on their street – and we get it – it must feel good to know that you’ll have a highly trained, drug-sniffing dog protecting your neighbourhood.