Happy International Women’s Day

Sunday, March 20, 2020: As the world recognizes the 109th International Women’s Day, first observed in Europe in 1911, we reflect on the progress that has been made, and feel proud to work for a company that operates in what’s considered a traditionally ‘male dominated’ industry’. At Phoenix, all employees are supported and encouraged, but today we celebrate the value and contributions of the women in our team.

Throughout the world women still strive for parity in the workplace. Phoenix ownership has never looked at gender as point of hiring or promoting, and rewards employees – not based on gender – but rather on hard work and ability.

On this International Women’s Day, Phoenix Truck & Crane wants to recognize and applaud the women on our team – and in our industry – as well as the men who see the benefits to a balanced workplace.

We promise to continue to support women’s career advancement – as we strongly believe in this year’s campaign slogan; “An equal world is an enabled world”.

Happy International Women’s Day (IWD) everyone and a huge thank you to all the women in our industry. There are so many ways to embrace this special day that we simply chose to let all our female workforce have the day off ;). Enjoy!!