Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty

Phoenix Truck & Crane’s founder, Bill Dick believes in helping employees reach their full potential!

People know us for our commitment to customers and community – but what they may not be aware of is our commitment to our employees through staff development. Bill has built a strong team and investing in them has always been a priority for our leader. With an average retention rate of 92% since Phoenix Truck & Crane’s inception 26 years ago, Phoenix’s approach has clearly paid off.

Training and development at Phoenix differs from department to department, and good training and mentorship is specifically important for our crane operators whose set of skills must be as varied as our fleet. Last week, it was our operator Wes’ turn to learn new competences – the operation of a different crane and specialized roofing equipment. The video and photos below demonstrate our trainer’s patience and the trainee’s ability to quickly catch on to the new skills – ensuring a rewarding result for both the business and the individuals involved.

Educating and upgrading employee skills is one of the many reasons why Phoenix has become a reliable, professional, and reputable transportation company. This week, as we nationally recognize Small Business Week, we’d like to encourage every small business to continue to invest in their most important asset – their workforce!