Builds that feature energy saving solutions, while lowering operating costs in an environmentally responsible way, is the new route of the construction industry!

As construction throughout the world shifts towards increasing green buildings, there are many strategies and solutions to construct residential and commercial more economically, energy-efficiently, and environmentally friendly.  This particular client is a leading Canadian company who specializes in insulated panel systems. They are continuously working towards configuring building envelope solutions that reduce heat loss, offer advanced moisture control and are easy to maintain. Last week, Phoenix Truck & Crane enjoyed being a part of their latest and forward-thinking project, as we installed forty-eight 52’ long insulated wall panels on top of a 40’ high building.

As always, flexibility and adaptability by our team resulted in a job well done. Initially scheduled for four days, this project was completed in three at the Abbotsford job site. The fourth day forecasted strong winds, which raised potential safety concerns and compelled our team to think outside the box, re-evaluating the initial assessment while respecting our client’s timeline.  It was agreed to push the work days a little longer, and reverse the sequence of panel installation to complete the job and avoid the weather warning. Starting with the placement of the furthest panel and working towards our crane was the safest option. Our operator was able to complete the project before the wind gusts became too much, and our extended work hours granted our client with a structure built one day prior their deadline.

Risk management and troubleshooting are common in our industry especially as we continue to focus on enhancing customer experience and bringing safety to new heights!


And the last one!