You don’t have to march to show your support, you can also drive

We always say that we love working downtown Vancouver. Well…last Sunday was a different type of work and we loved it too!

It was the first parade that our unit #5019 had the opportunity to participate in, and she made such an impression that she ‘whispered’ to us that she wouldn’t mind doing it again next year.

Last Sunday, members and allies of the LGBTQ & the community at large took the streets of Vancouver to celebrate love and equality – and when we were asked to lend one of our tractors and a 48-foot trailer for this year’s “Recovery float”, we gladly stepped up.

Phoenix Truck & Crane is an advocate for equality and diversity in the workplace (and in general), and we trust that talent is everywhere and in everyone, so being a part of the 2019 Vancouver Pride Parade felt right. Along with our equipment, one of our operators volunteered his time throughout the weekend to drive the truck and we are so proud.

Thank you to Last Door Recovery Society and Vancouver Pride Society for including us and letting us “march” this year.

Below is a video shared from a Phoenix fan at the parade and some pictures of our unrecognizable trailer.