With the Right Partners, Everyone Wins

Creating a company that sustains the test of time requires a network of allies, solid partners and great people. Whether it’s creating internal partnerships between colleagues or departments, or building larger partnerships between businesses, harnessing the strengths and abilities of others is a top priority at Phoenix.  In today’s fast-paced work environment, we understand that a “do-it-alone” attitude is not the best strategy for growth – so partnered strategically – we continue to thrive!

Phoenix has many valuable partners who bring us a variety of ongoing jobs; including one customer who creates premium hot tubs and swim spas here in the lower mainland. They’re newest model, a 21-foot, 4,000-pound swim spa is now ready for market and we are privileged to be tasked with the installation process for their customers.

Back in the spring after this unit hit the market, we were contracted to transport and install it to the backyard of the new owner. After a site inspection, our largest crane was sent out to perform the lift. Along with our customer and Phoenix crew – including our in-house photographer who was not going to miss this opportunity – the swim spa was set in place. Check out the video below to see the work in action.

Throughout the summer, we’ve placed a few other of these units – and depending on the final location of the spa at the different buyers’ homes – we have used smaller Stiff Boom cranes as well.

This is just one of the many examples that proves collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental and mutually beneficial.