“Window” Of Opportunity to Work Together

So many homes, high rises, office spaces are made up of glass, it allows light to filter in while protecting the interior from the elements – on top of just looking outstanding from the outside.  Unfortunately, glass can also be fragile. Moisture, cracks, and years of wear and tear can sometimes require repair or replacement.

Phoenix Truck & Crane is lucky to partner with local professional glazing companies that provide both residential and commercial services. Their jobs are specific and precise especially when they must remove broken glass.

Last week, our unit #5063 was called to help and it was once again fascinating to watch our customer work their magic.

Before they began, they made sure that everyone and everything was safe by wearing PPE and protective clothing, as well as laying down a drop cloth to avoid any small pieces of glass that may fall.

Carefully they removed the glass and cleaned the window frame, and it was only then that our expertise was needed. Our rear mount was the perfect crane to hoist the new windowpane to place and easily position it for installation.

Sometimes though, a smaller or larger crane is better suited for the job, which is why having a substantial fleet like ours is handy. At Phoenix, we have been servicing the glass industry for years, so if you need a well trusted and experienced crane company to assist you in placing, removing and/or replacing window glass or skylights, we’d love to hear from you!