When Hard Work Pays Off

There are many ways for us to acknowledge National Safety Month, but this year, we started the month off on a very positive note when we received the results of our recertification audit for COR™.

To maintain our COR Certification, we must conduct yearly internal audits, but once every four years we must have an external audit – conducted independently to ensure our procedures and safety records are where they need to be. And on May 28th the results were in – Phoenix received an audit score of 92% – reaffirming that we are a company that values the safety of our employees and customers and proving that we take steps daily to improve on our safe practices.

The Trucking Safety Council of British Columbia sent an auditor, who spent a week with us; reviewing documents, performing facility observations and interviewing employees at our head office, yard and field sites. It was an intense week, but when it comes to safety and improving and going the ‘extra mile’ it’s well worth it.

Since initially receiving our COR Certification four years ago, our Safety Department has grown, and our corporate culture has strengthened. We are so proud of this latest achievement and thank our employees for their hard work – and for believing in our vision and continually striving to comply with our ever growing safety protocols.

This external audit measured the effectiveness of our corporate safety program and our 2019 recertification confirms that our safety standards are met and maintained. With safety, there is always room for improvement. The results of this audit will be shared with our Health and Safety committee, so they can develop an action plan to address the recommendations provided and ensure that Phoenix Truck & Crane is the safest transportation company to work for and with.