What Routine Crane Tasks Look Like

We often get called for a HIAB rental without necessarily knowing the extent of the work. Sometimes it’s only for one lift, sometimes it’s for a couple of hours while at other times, we must stay onsite all day to help our clients move materials from one side of the building to the other, to hoist products onto the roof, to lift pallets of goods to their final destination, or to reshuffle the job site space as they go to the next phase, etc.

Last Wednesday, our unit #5042 was called to the newly built homes at 715 West 15th in North Vancouver to perform what could be called some routine crane tasks. Watching our operator work reminded us of how proud and lucky we feel to have such professionals and experts in our team.

Our operators know how to drive our trucks even in the tiniest of spaces, they know how to set up safety, they know how to beautifully & precisely operate our machine, they know which tool to use to properly hoist materials, they know the rules (and we have many) and last but not least they are flexible, well versed and so committed to you and to us.

This is a big shout out to all our crane operators working in the field. We know Phoenix wouldn’t have the stellar reputation it does without you, and we are so thankful that despite the current uncertain times, you keep coming to work with the best attitude.