Tis the Season to Make Your Home & Business Merry and Bright!

Trimming your eaves and windows, and adorning your garden with luminescence is a yearly tradition for many. You may get out your ladder and invite few friends to help hang your Christmas lights, but if you’re hoping to hang those lights on high up roof peaks or the tallest trees on the street, why not call an expert? Phoenix Truck & Crane can provide you with a safe and efficient way to reach places that you and your ladder should never go.

Last week, our 32 Ton Stiff Boom crane was sent out to a home on the North Shore to assist in the installation of a brilliant light display, one that has become a yearly tradition and is seen by many throughout this season.

Although the weather has turned wet and cold, Phoenix Truck & Crane is available seven days a week to help add magic to your personal or corporate light display. So please give us a call at 604-522-2219 to book a crane and ensure that Santa and his reindeers notice your holiday cheer!