The Behind the Scenes “Secrets”

Couple of weeks ago, we headed downtown Vancouver to place a rooftop unit onto a five story building on East Cordova. And if you had been there, you would have noticed that we were able to execute and complete the contracted job quickly and efficiently. Despite the short time spent onsite, this job was actually a hands-on project – one that required a team of technical experts, great communicators and strong safety advocates.

To spare you all tedious details, let just say that on this project, we had:

  • An initial visit to assess the scope of the work
  • To provide the client with a thorough plan
    • How would we perform the requested work in the middle of the City of Vancouver?
    • What will it take? All the logistical steps we will have to go through.
    • The cost? Not just our crane rental fees, but an overall understanding of the kind of budget to allocate for this one lift!
  • To draft all the documents needed to obtain a special work permit
    • Documents such a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) – a document that covers and explains how we will manage traffic flow during our work while keeping local traffic disruption to its minimum, mitigating impact to neighboring properties and addressing any safety concerns.
  • To connect with TransLink and obtain their consent. In this instance, we lifted over feeder lines for the bus trolley lines
  • To coordinate with all our safety partners for
    • A traffic control crew to be present that day.
    • A qualified spotter – the individual with the extra set of eyes to ensure that the job is done in the safest manner possible while making sure our equipment respect the power lines limit of approach – to be scheduled.
  • To receive a work and lane closure permit approval
  • To make sure the nine city parking meters (necessary to set up our crane) were closed
  • And finally, to organize for the piece to be onsite at a precise time, to book our own equipment, brief our operator and CSO.

So, if you happened to witness this job on Cordova Street and were impressed with the quick completion of our task, despite what it may have looked like, this wasn’t such a small project! We are always amazed by the professionalism and hard work of our “behind the scenes” team – the one that ensures we are clear on the clients needs, and have all the pieces in place to complete seemingly seamless lifts in order to create positive outcomes for all involved. Another well-executed plan by our remarkable people!