Giving Unemployment a “boot”!

Every year, Phoenix Truck & Crane reviews its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy in order to keep a fresh perspective and engaged with the right partners. The rise in operating costs and new taxes introduced by the government in 2019 has forced us to be a little more conservative this year.

When we encountered Working Gear, an organisation that assists low-income unemployed men who are re-entering the workforce, by providing work appropriate clothing and safety gear, we were hooked! We had to step up and help – safety is our priority after all, and who wouldn’t want to assist a man in returning to the workforce?

In February, we went along to see first hand the extend of their services and how it all works. In the two hours we spent on their site, Working Gear volunteers helped 8 gentlemen find the items they needed for their upcoming interviews. We met Richard, who would ideally like to be a forklift handler so he was looking for a pair of size 8 steel toe boots. And Adam who was going for interviews in the hospitality industry so a well fitted suit & accessories were his main essentials. The “clients” were full of hope, happiness and gratitude, and it was so overwhelming that Phoenix decided to purchase a few pairs of brand new steel toe boots to donate right away. Yes, this organisation goes through 200 hard hats and 96 pairs of steel toe boots every 3 months.

We wanted to take it further though so we offered what we do best, our transportation services. We heard that some of Working Gear’s major partners such as Air Canada, WorkSafe BC, BC Hydro, Coast Mountain all make donations which require to be delivered to the Working Gear store location in downtown Vancouver. A perfect fit, one could say!

They didn’t wait long to take us up on the offer as we received a call the day after BC Hydro’s “Spring Blast Campaign” ended. Bags and boxes full of PPE, work clothes and accessories needed to be picked up, so our driver Jimmy showed up with his 3/4 ton van for the job.

We all know that every little bit helps and sometimes it’s not in the usual or more conventional way. Emily for instance is a volunteer barber at Working Gear. This way clients get a fresh hair cut before heading to a job interview. On top of self esteem and confidence, good grooming demonstrates to any interviewer care and makes a lasting positive first impression.

If like us, you’d like to jump on board in your own way, please reach out to Geneviève or Sarah – or even better yet, join their “Gear To Give Gala” coming up in two days at the Vancouver Club. Ticket are only $75.00 and can be purchased by clicking on this link.