Choosing the Best Lifting Equipment is a Skill Best Determined by a Professional

Some jobs require specialized lifting equipment. Perhaps the load is heavy or oversized, requiring a spreader bar to prevent the overload of pressure towards the center of the piece. Or maybe the load can be lifted using strong lifting slings; wire rope, chain or synthetic slings can all be used to safely and efficiently lift, move and position a load.

Safety is our top priority at Phoenix and we mandate the certification of both our operators and equipment. Our operators adhere to safe rigging practices and Phoenix regularly provides hands-on training and refresher courses. They fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the crane as well as the equipment, and all equipment is inspected and certified frequently.

In the video below, you will see one of our mobile cranes lifting a 6,000 pound pipe, the first of three we positioned that day. For these lifts our operator chose to use a two leg 20 foot chain bridal going down to 20 foot flat slings. The top chain kept the hook of the crane away from any potential hit, and rigging the load this way allowed the operator to have the most control to maneuver the pipe easily in the hole.