The benefits of aquatic therapy are endless

Phoenix Truck & Crane has teamed up with Children’s Wish Foundation on a few different projects. Handling the coordination of transportation, storage and crane lifts is what we excel at, so providing these services to complete the ‘wishes’ for amazing kids in the lower mainland is always a pleasure.

We receive a considerable number of requests for pro bono and charitable donations, so we need to monitor a little more closely all of our giving, in order to manage expectations and respond to market demands. That being said, there are certain stories that touch you more than others and Nolin’s one was one of them for us!

When the team at Children’s Wish Foundation shared the story of this little boy – and the details of his life with a very rare genetic disease, NAN’s deficiency, we knew we would help. Nolin requires extensive physical therapy, and having the access to his very own swim spa will greatly help with his daily needs. With the assistance of the Children’s Wish team, the transportation and installation the 2200-pound swim spa was handled by our committed team at Phoenix – our sales rep who handled onsite logistics and our crane operator who skillfully placed the swim spa within a few hours.

Darlene and Frank, Nolin’s parents, are positive that this new therapeutic pool will improve their little guy’s health and quality of life by allowing him to exercise his muscles and elevate his strength.

In this time of gratitude (Thanksgiving being just around the corner), we would like to thank everyone involved with the Children’s Wish Foundation. Like the African proverb say, “It takes a village to raise a child”!