There is always more to think about when you build oversize products

Our client can manufacture your custom HDPE dock or float to almost any requirement or configuration. These pontoons can be used in salt or freshwater but first they need to get there!

For those who have dealt with the logistics of transporting an oversize or overweight product, you know where we are going here. Last month, Phoenix Truck & Crane was tasked to transport and launch a newly built 18 feet by 60 feet floating dock, at Grant Narrows landing in Pitt Meadows. The 12,000 pound piece left our customers yard at 3 am, a few hours after receiving the transport permit from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

When presented with projects that are so involved, we learn new ways to best navigate the systems; and these jobs which require extensive labour & logistical planning, keep our internal team busy for weeks. To better understand what it take to secure the ability to transport these types of loads of such loads, we’ve listed the most important elements to remember:

  • You need at least 2 weeks to get all the required consents
  • The Extraordinary Load Approval Request (or CVSE) must have all the details and dimensions must be in kg and meters
  • You cannot transport an item wider than 5 meters on the Golden Ears Bridge. If the width of your product is more than 16’ 4”, you’ll need to submit a new route
  • When submitting your route of travel, you must be precise and indicate every road, highway and bridge you’ll be using
  • When dealing with Provincial Parks, boats can only be launched between 6 am and 10 pm unless you get a special permission to open the gate earlier
  • Your drawing abilities will be put to the test. For each Extraordinary Load Approval Request, you need to provide a diagram that outline the trailer configuration during the move
  • Pilot cars play an important role and are required in making sure that unusually large loads or wide vehicles travel safely

The prep work for projects of this scale may seem overwhelming, but be assured our team at Phoenix handles all planning required. And when executed correctly the results are very rewarding and the project is completed on schedule.

Below you’ll find a video and photos of our 60Ton  crane launching the dock into the water after being transported by our trailer.