Every moment matters!

Kudos to Ed L., owner of E.A.L. Truck & Crane Ltd. for all his achievements!

E.A.L. Truck & Crane Ltd. is one of Phoenix’ Owner Operator company who employs five people and is the first in our fleet to receive their SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) from the SafetyDriven-TSCBC. SECOR is a safety designation which Phoenix mandates all owner operator companies (4-20 employees) obtain. A couple of weeks ago, we were proud to be standing by Ed as he received another recognition of his commitment to safety.

An accomplishment like SECOR is a big undertaking when you consider that:

  • E.A.L. Truck & Crane Ltd. had to create and implement its own safety program
  • Inspections and audits for small companies are as strict and as regular than those for medium-sized & large companies
  • SECOR takes a full year to complete

As our company continues to grow, we are grateful for people like Ed whose values align with ours in keeping and attracting safety-conscious & engaged drivers.

Congratulations again and here’s too many more successes together!